Wednesday, December 10, 2008

errorC00D11B1 fix me please. Well ive experienced this error where all my sound has shut off iv'e tried many things like virus scans, thinking i had a virus. I also read up and scoured the net on solutions others have posted. To be honest all the ones ive read are pointless and the people seem to be just full of shit. After days of no volume on my computer. Ive resolved the problem and it was very simple. Im no computer wizz so my theory may be wrong but my solution isnt!! Simply for some reason the vista update a while back caused this problem> The solution is to re update a walaa Problem solved. To do this simply click........... Start>>>>> ALL PROGRAMS>>>
WINDOWS UPDATE............ DOWNLOAD THE UPDATES, INSTALL THEM, THEN RESTART YOUR COMPUTER WHEN IT DIRECTS YOU TOO!!!!! No need to do all this other bullshit ive been reading some nerds posting, half of it didnt make any sense anyway, and do you think its smart to remove programs then relise you dont have the disk to re install......... I certainly dont... Good luck with getting your sound back and i hope this post really helped you succeed.